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With Flange Safety Device for Spark Plug LeadsFor MAN® E32 Series Gas Engines

A defective or damaged spark plug due to incorrect installation cannot only affect the engine operation. The enormous pressures, especially of the latest engine designs, can be the reason a defective spark plug or parts of it are catapulted out of the cylinder like a bullet. This means danger to life and limb of service or operating staff working in the close engine environment.

The conversion kit designed by MOTORTECH reduces the danger on site. The spark plug lead is fixed with a safety flange directly on the valve cover with its appropriate support. The spark plug well is closed so tightly, that the release of components gets prevented and operational safety is increased.


Combustion engines, compressors, turbines, slide bearings and gears – they all depend on a reliable supply of lubricating oil. For trouble-free operation, each of those systems, dependent on the design, requires a precisely defined oil level that may only be exceeded or undercut by a narrow margin. Moreover, the lubricating capacity of the oil is depleted after a certain operating time – it has to be changed.

Oil level monitoring, oil refill, and even an automated oil change – in other words, the complete management of the oil cycle – can be realized in a completely reliable manner with MOTORTECH‘s OLC oil level controller.

Advantages for the User
  • Elimination of regular monitoring of the oil level
  • Operation is not interrupted for monitoring the oil level
  • Operating errors are avoided, no overfilling/lack of oil
  • Automated oil change possible
  • Less work for staff, increase in operational safety
  • Visual surveillance of the oil level during operation is possible
  • Remote monitoring from a central location


Stainless Steel Coolant Filters for Stationary Applications

These bypass filters with stainless steel filter elements clean coolant liquids from all deposits. Elements can be washed and do not need to be disposed. Increases water pump life, cylinder head efficiency and equipment availability. Reduces service and maintenance cost.


Stainless Steel Lube Oil Filters

The re-cleanable stainless steel filters for oil filtration are the environmentally friendly alternative to commonly used disposable filters. Due to re-using of elements, payback starts immediately after installation.

Filters are available as replacements for OEM filter elements or custom made to fit your application.

  • Ultrasonic Cleaning Station
  • 2,000 Watts of ultrasonic cleaning power
  • All new, versatile size to meet a variety of parts cleaning needs
  • Environmentally safe aqueous cleaning
  • Easy-to-operate controls for time, temperature and cleaning cycle automation
  • Stainless steel tank construction
  • Dual filter system
  • Oil removing surface sparger
  • Optional on-board task light
  • Heavy-duty locking casters
  • High velocity ultrasonics, metallurgically attached transducers
  • Ultrasonic frequency sweep to enhance cleaning performance




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