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DETCON detonation control system

The gas engine operators are calling for increased power output from their engines. More load means higher temperatures, pressures and tougher operation. This mostly ends in catastrophic engine damages due to detonation or pre-ignition.

As MOTORTECH has proven for years, detonation can be detected professionally with the DetCon2 or DetCon20. Single cylinder sensors constantly monitor the sound level of the combustion chamber. If detonation is detected the system will take steps to eliminate detonation immediately.

Upgrade your engines and increase availability of the equipment!

Temberature Module

The TempScan20 temperature module monitors up to 20 thermocouples and provides the temperature information to the PowerView3 HMI module via CANopen.

Channels are independently configurable as Type J, K, B, E, N, R, S or T thermocouples

Temperature information can include
  • Exhaust temperature
  • Winding temperature
  • Fluid temperature

No additional programming or configuration required
Integral diagnostics determine thermocouple integrity
All channels are fully isolated from the CAN line and from the power supply
The temperature module features rugged packaging and watertight connectors for an IP65 rating

ITB throttle bodies

Within a speed control system, a throttle body is used to regulate the supply of the gas/air mixture and thus the speed and power of a gas engine.

MOTORTECH ITB throttle bodies are equipped with an integrated stepper motor, which eliminates the use for an external actuator. The stepper motor is extremely precisely actuated by the VariStep3 stepper motor driver in combination with the SC100speedcontroller.

Power view

The operating data of the TempScan20 temperature module will be completely visualized via HMI module (Human Machine Interface). The overview screen shows the relevant information as combustion chamber temperature individually by cylinder or status of programmed temperature thresholds (Low – Normal – High – Switching Digital Output).

The control keys guarantee simple navigation through different display pages and menus. All in all the PowerView3 HMI module is also able to provide error diagnostics on-site without requiring a laptop!

The PowerView3 is also available for data visualization of:
  • MIC Ignition Control (MIC3/3+, MIC4 and MIC5 series)
  • DetCon Detonation Control

Throttle body

Within a speed control system, a throttle body is used to regulate the supply of the gas/air mixture and thus the speed and power of a gas engine.

MOTORTECH throttle bodies are equipped with a lever for connecting an external actuator. An end stop and a screw for idle speed adjustment provide additional adjustment options for optimum operation of stationary gas engines.

All In One

For monitoring, controlling, regulating and system protection. ALL-IN-ONE is an expandable controller for both single and multiple gen-sets operating in standby or parallel modes, especially in cogeneration (CHP) and other complex applications.

Modular design (consisting of AIO controller and display unit) allows easy installation with the ability to add many different extension modules designed to suit individual customer requirements.

Integrated functions such as fully automatic synchronization or uninterruptible back-synchronisation in mains parallel operation as well as integrated solutions for multi-unit operation, load sharing or automatic operating hours adjustment of the individual units are standard features of the AIO generator & CHP control system. Up to 32 units can be combined in one group.

AIO supports many standard ECU (electronic control unit) types from which it can read relevant control data via Bus. A powerful graphic display with user-friendly controls allows any operator to find the information they need. The display on the basic version is capable of displaying graphical characters (e.g. Chinese).




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