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Based on the new MOTORTECH ignition controller platform the MIC3 with 200 mJ primary energy is designed for gas engines with up to 12 cylinders.

  • Adjustable spark duration and intensity
  • Constant spark intensity via adjusted duration
  • 200 mJ primary energy (300 mJ boost)


The economically attractive MOTORTECH development convinces with a future oriented electronical concept for more power and a significantly higher degree of efficiency. High ignition energy, accurate spark timing and diversified online diagnostics help to improve engine efficiency, spark plug life and availability of the equipment under the strictest emission regulations. The controller is fully customer configurable via Laptop.

  • Adjustable spark duration and intensity
  • Constant spark intensity via adjusted duration
  • 300mJ primary energy
  • Ignition diagnostics (primary and secondary)


Based on the new MOTORTECH ignition controller platform the MIC5 with 500 mJ primary energy is designed for gas engines with up to 20 cylinders.

  • Adjustable spark duration and intensity
  • Constant spark intensity via adjusted duration
  • 500 mJ primary energy (700 mJ boost)

PowerVeiw 3

With the PowerView data display with touch screen, MOTORTECHpresents a versatile hardware platform to visualize and control the functions of CAN bus capable devices.

PowerView’s task is to group, process, visualize and save all data from the CAN bus networked devices in real-time.

Shielded Ignition Coils

A complete range of shielded ignition coils for standard, integral or flange assembly. The combination to spark plugs is either integrated or manufactured using a PolyMot™ spark plug extension.

Unshielded Ignition Coils

MOTORTECH’s improved development of the tried-and-tested black, blue and red ignition coils for standard or flange assembly.

Pickups & Pickup Leads


MOTORTECH supplies the required pickup leads for every available ignition system.

Shielded and Unshielded Pickup Leads

To save you installation costs and time, MOTORTECH offers a multitude of the most varying pickup leads.

MOTORTECH Trigger Discs

MOTORTECH produces trigger discs with magnets, holes or slits. Available in all conceivable sizes. For a multitude of different applications. Own production in house ensures short delivery times and  reduces downtimes in the end.

MOTORTECH TriDev Trigger Drives

To make the installation of impulse sensor-controlled electronic ignition systems simpler, MOTORTECH has developed the TriDev trigger drive. This drive is installed in place on the ignition generator. An internal trigger disc, equipped with different trigger arrangements, provides simple assembly.

Camshaft Trigger Drives

In the case that the installation of a pickup is not possible, MOTORTECH will supply you with a trigger drive to your specification for your engine. Our experiences in this segment make it possible for us to manufacture tailor-made products for simple and rapid installation.

MOTORTECH Ignition Leads

Unshielded ignition leads

More than 900 different ignition leads and connection combinations for virtually any engine application are available for you. Today, our brand names of PolyMot™ and HyperFlon™ stand for the highest level of quality and reliability.

By using high-quality materials like Teflon and ceramics, we guarantee a long life for our ignition leads and an extension of the durability of your spark plugs.

We are happy to label the Teflon sleeves with your name or logo and item number – to provide a positive image of your company – and without extra charges .

Shielded Ignition Leads

MOTORTECH produces CSA® and ATEX®-authorized, shielded high-voltage ignition leads inspected in accordance with quality standard ISO 9001.

CSA® and ATEX®-authorized, shielded ignition leads, for the utmost reliability and security in usage thanks to completely sealed construction and high flexibility.

Spark Plug Extensions

For applications, where an ignition coil is attached to the valve cover, a PolyMot™ spark plug extension is required to make the connection between the ignition coil and spark plug. Manufactured from Teflon orHyperFlon™ in combination with ceramics, ensuring the best possible insulation against spark cross-cut. Labelling with your name or logo and item number – Available without charge on the appropriate lot size!

Ignition Systems and Conversion Kits

Complete Ignition Systems

One of our strengths is offering our customers system solutions instead of individual components. Our complete pre-assembled and factory-tested ignition systems permit a  quick and easy assembly – this saves you time and money.
Our test procedures, coordinated with DIN ISO 9001, ensure the quality of our products to guarantee trouble-free operation of your system.

Ignition systems are available in the following configurations:
  • For all engines of 2-20 cylinders
  • With MIC3/4/5
  • Cable loops in lengths requested by you
  • In unshielded or shielded designs

Save a large amount of time and costs by installing “open” systems – MOTORTECH makes it easy for you.

Ignition Conversion Kits

Today, many older engines are still equipped with ignition systems which are no longer technically up-to-date. These normally mechanical ignition generators are subject to constant wear-and-tear, therefore the operation of these systems is often linked with high maintenance and repair costs.

MOTORTECH offers complete conversion kits with the latest electronic ignition to anyone wanting to save future costs in this area.

Reduce your downtimes and extend the life of your systems – and save material and personnel costs – by “upgrading” your ignition system.

Ignition Tools & Test Equipment

The SparkView is a new handheld device developed by MOTORTECH that can monitor the high voltage required by the spark plug while the engine is running. With a measuring clamp or cable and the display for up to 40 kV, it is easy to determine the condition of the spark plugs and the time at which they need to be replaced. This guarantees a constant performance of the engine and a maximum utilization of the spark plugs.

Quick and comfortable monitoring on a running engine makes it possible to detect:
  • Wear of spark plugs
  • Failure of the ignition system
    (damaged ignition coil, high tension lead or ignition controller)
  • Faulty compression of a cylinder

The self-powered ScopeLite is designed to work with fully

Shielded ignition systems. A special clamp picks up the small trigger signal through the steel braid of conventional or MOTBlues shielded high tension leads. The signal is processed by the timing light and via LED technology a sequence of flashes is generated.

Make it easy and safe for the operator!




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