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For several years MOTORTECH offers oxygen, temperature, MAT and MAP sensors that can be used as replacements for the OEM part.

Shielded and unshielded versions can be selected.


MOTORTECH offers a series of different Thermocouple Rail Upgrade Kits.

The rails are installed in the “Vee” or on the side of the engine. These rail kits replace any prior system if installed.


MOTORTECH sensor harnesses are individually designed for use on MAN® gas engines. The harnesses are completely prewired and equipped with all sensors required to measure the relevant operating data of the engine. To transfer the measured values to the master control, a matching connecting harness is plugged to the main connector of the sensor harness.


Prewired harness with engine specific layout

Sensors for measuring of following values: 1)
  • Oil pressure and temperature
  • Coolant pressure and temperature
  • Manifold pressure and temperature
  • Engine speed

Including all brackets and adaptors for mounting harness and sensors

Connecting harness to master control

1) Number and type of sensors may vary due to different engine models.

Consult your nearest MOTORTECH sales partner for specification of sensor harnesses for WOODWARD® L-/ProAct Series.




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